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In my ten years of experience in product, indirectly influencing a development team has been a constant challenge. With an ever-growing organization & individual aspirations, it has become tough to keep the team aligned to the overall product vision. Politics, personal biases, and miscommunication between team members mar their ability to deliver exceptional value to the customer.

Over the years, I’ve built a framework when dealing with the technical team-members of my development team. This framework should work for all of you, with a few exceptions.

Product managers with a background in technical have to be especially careful in managing the team — their personal biases can come in the way of effectively guiding the team to the ultimate goals. I’m pretty technical myself, so this bias of mine has cost me some brownie points with the team. Thankfully, the team has been understanding and have highlighted these instances for me to improve. …


Rameez Kakodker

Simplifying Complexities for a Living |

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