Understanding the foundations of Personalization from a end-user view point without the complications of data science

A simple guide to parallel processing in R for Product Managers

  1. Understanding App Analytics
  2. Choosing your platforms & data strategy
  3. Standard KPIs for App Success
  4. Caveats and tips on tracking

Understanding App Analytics

What went wrong, and how it could have been better.

Facebook’s masterplan to convert the free messaging service into a revenue-generating machine


Where do your users go if they cannot go forward or back?

Qualitative & Quantitative analysis of statements and arriving at areas of opportunities for your product


A look at how a simple exercise in product thinking can lead to your projects’ success

37% of projects fail because of a lack of clear goal (src)

Rameez Kakodker

Simplifying Complexities for a Living | rkakodker.com

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