FYSK#4: The UX Honeycomb Framework

Rameez Kakodker
4 min readMay 6, 2023

Frameworks You Should Know is a series that explores various product management related frameworks. Instead of just telling you the framework (which a Google search can tell you), I’ll be focusing on what makes the framework great and where you should use it.

At the end of the day, your choice of framework to use should depend on your organization and the culture they want to foster. YMMV.

What is the UX Honeycomb?

The UX Honeycomb framework

The UX Honeycomb is a magnificent tool created by the illustrious Peter Morville back in 2004. This visualization is not only an excellent teaching aid for the fundamentals of UX (User Experience), but it is also a valuable checklist for designers to ensure they’re covering all the bases.

This wondrous Honeycomb revolves around seven crucial factors, each one a crucial piece of the UX puzzle. From the indispensability of being Useful, to the ease of Useable design, and the discoverability of Findable features, the Honeycomb covers it all. Credible design, Desirable aesthetics, and Accessible content are all necessary components to truly ace the UX game. Lastly, but certainly not least, creating Valuable user experiences should always be top of mind for designers, to ensure their products bring real benefits…



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