FYSK #5: Dual Operating System Simplified

Rameez Kakodker
4 min readAug 6, 2023

Frameworks You Should Know is a series that explores various product management related frameworks. Instead of just telling you the framework (which a Google search can tell you), I’ll be focusing on what makes the framework great and where you should use it.

At the end of the day, your choice of framework to use should depend on your organization and the culture they want to foster. YMMV.

What is the Dual Operating System Framework?

Dual Operating System Simplified — Explained

This framework, introduced by Dr. John Kotter in his work XLR8, shines a spotlight on the challenges modern enterprises face when it comes to adapting to sudden disruptions. Many organizations stumble in their efforts to proactively embrace change. A fundamental issue lies in the traditional hierarchical organizational structure, which is designed to ensure predictability and reliability, but often lacks the agility needed for rapid adaptation.

Note: attempting to apply the concepts of this framework directly to another context that’s not open to change is akin to committing a cardinal sin. To truly achieve agility and sustained growth, an organization must cultivate a culture that embraces trust, acknowledges the potential for failure, and encourages ongoing



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