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Rameez Kakodker
3 min readMay 27, 2024

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:
We need on-site personalization. But our page load times are in double digits.

Or this one:
We need click & collect — but we have no idea how much inventory is in the stores!

Or this one:
We need to launch a loyalty program. But our data is in silos!

In the pursuit of these shiny attention-grabbing features, businesses tend to forget their fundamentals. There is an evolution of features — forcing an evolution by launching the next big thing only leads to poor CX and negative ROI.

Consider on-site personalization. For this to work (i.e. generate tangible ROI), a tonne of things needs to work in tandem:
1. Web/App architecture — fast load times, swapping, fallbacks, etc.
2. Content development and deployment cycle
3. ML capabilities
4. Data Centralization

Skill Trees & Orgs

If you consider an organization as a player in an RPG (Roll Playing Games) — like Diablo or even Last of Us (which has skill trees), they need to be great at a few things (like Customer Experience, Resilience, Research & Development, etc), good at many things and work in progress on others.
For the On-site personalization as a skill to be unlocked, there is a progression that the…



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